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Click on the pictures which lead to our supporter's websites.

With a massive international listenership, the well known Midwest Radio delivers great programming right to your home computer.   You'll be amazed what you'll learn about Ireland and their friendly DJs will give a shout out to your friends abroad too.

A coach for Atlanta's Clan na nGael hurlers has offered coach training and competitive matches. Truer brothers-in-sport cannot be found.
The folks at I-Drive's Lucky Leprechaun Irish Pub () have given us our start, helping with recruiting immensely.  During the county season, their regular GAA telecasts have been welcome too.  They're the only Irish-owned pub on I-Drive and their friendly staff pours the best pints around.
A friendly Cork player for Douglas' club has been emailing us regularly.  Congrats to Douglas Camogie for the Division One Title!
We're happy that this Winter Garden establishment supports local Irish sport.  They are located near Whispering Oaks Elementary School and the Stoneybrook West community ( for map).